What I read this week: CALEXIT

This week what caught my eye is CALEXIT (California Exit).


There are quite a few secessionist movements today in industrialized countries such as movement of Scotland, Alaska, Åland, Catalonia and many more. But this week what caught my eye is CALEXIT (California Exit).

California overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton during the recent elections. And post the election of Trump as President, the nationalist sentiment has got some upswing.

Secessionist movements are not new to the USA. The major one by eleven southern slave states collectively in mid 19th century known as Confederate States of America was the bloodiest one, with Civil War which lasted for 5 years. Half a million people died during this movement.

Significance of California, some facts about California to put things into perspective:

  • The most populous state of the USA, with population nearly 4 cr. If California were an independent country, it would be the 35th most populous country
  • The largest state of the USA by GDP, with GDP of $2.4 tn, if California were independent, it would be the 6th largest economy. Roughly of the size of the French Republic. Third highest per capita income of $56,851 amongst all the states of the USA
  • Prominent Cities Los Angeles (the second largest City of the USA after New York City) and San Francisco (of course SFO houses the global innovation powerhouse THE SILICON VALLEY)

CALEXIT is not only a bad idea but also has a practically negligible chance of getting through. But after Brexit, Donald Trump, Arvind Kejriwal, Syriza party in Greece and so on, who knows what future has in store!

Will election of Donald J Trump lead to disintegration of the United States of America?

Currently I would say, Too far Fetched!!!!

Here is what I read about it this week:

  1. California declaring independence from the United States of America and going it alone is a colossally stupid idea.
  2. Californians intend to “take back control” and invest in a National Health Service rather than send their money to Washington

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